Download E-books/E-Journal

Following publications of Parshwanath Vidyapeeth are available on line to download:

  1. Studies in Jaina Art by Dr. U P Shah (Pages 205)
  2. Jivasamas Ed. by Sadhvi Vudyutprabhaji (Pages 285)
  3. Dashashrutskandhasutram Eka Adhyayana (Pages 225)
  4. Jainism in Global Perspective Ed. By Dr. S. M. Jain & Dr. S. P. Pandey (Pages 402)
  5. Multi-dimensional Application of Anekantavad Ed. By Dr. S M Jain & Dr. S P Pandey (Pages 552)
  6. Ashtakaprakaranam by Haribhadra Ed. By Dr. S. M. Jain (Pages 183)
  7. Aspects of Jainology Vol VI (Dr. Sagarmal Abhinandan Granth) Editors. Dr. S. P. Pandey and others (Pages 974)
  8. Aspects of Jainology Vol II (Pt. Bechardas Doshi Abhinandan Granth) Editors Dr. M A Dhaky & DR. S M Jain (Pages 558)
  9. Aspects of Jainology Vol III (Pt. Dalsukh Malvania Abhinandan Granth) Editors Dr. M A Dhaky & DR. S M Jain (Pages 572)
  10. Tattvarthasutra by Umasvati Ed. By Pt. Sukhlal Sanghvi (Pages 444)
  11. Dr. Charlotte Krause: Her Life & Works Ed. By Dr. S. P. Pandey (Pages 674)
  12. Shramana Atita Ke Jharokhe Men Ed. By Dr. Shivprasad (Pages 506)
  13. Jaina Perspective in Philosophy and Religion by Ramjee Singh
  14. The Path of Arhat by Justice T U Mehta, Ed. By Dr. A. K. Singh (Pages 262
  15. Political History of Northern India by Dr. Rajesh Jain (Pages 482)
  16. Sthankavasi Jain Parampara ka Itihas Ed. By Dr. S. M. Jain & Dr. Vijay Kumar (Pages 616)
  17. Vajjalaggam by Jayvallabha (Pages 590)
  18. Jaina Religion Historical Journey of Evolution by Dr. S. M. Jain (Pages 140)

Download of E-Journal SHRAMANA is in Process