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Following important projects are undertaken by the Institute: 
Title of the Project: 
1. Encyclopedia cum Source-book of Jain Studies 
The Institute has undertaken a very prestigious project of Encyclopedia of Jaina Studies, which is to be completed in 6 volumes each containing 1000 pages. 
The volumes and their Editors are as follows: 
Prof. Sagarmal Jain Chief Editor & Editor of Vol. of Jaina Ethics 
Prof. Marutinandan Pd. Tiwari 
Prof. Kamal Giri 
Prof. Harihar Singh 
Dr. Arun Pratap Singh Vol. of History of Jainism 
Dr. A.shok Kumar Singh Vol. of Language & Literature 
Dr. Shri Prakash Pandey Vol. of Philosophy & Psychology 
Dr. Ratanchanad Jain Vol. of Religious Practices 
Sh. Indrabhooti Barar Coordinator

The Jain tradition is one of the oldest and richest traditions of the world. Through the ages it has preserved many of its original doctrinal characteristics. The Jain thinkers have contributed in every branch of knowledge from the earliest time but unfortunately it is not well recognized, as there is no source of ready reference. At present there is an awakening of interest world over in the study of Jain philosophy, religion, theology, psychology, history, art, culture and sciences. With a view to make available authentic ready reference on every aspects of Jainism is the objective of this project. Recently the volume of Art & Architecture has been published. Volume of Language and Literature is under proof reading and likely to be published soon.

Title of the Project: 
2. History of Hindi Jaina Literature- This is also a prestigious project undertaken by the Vidyapeeth. It was commenced in 1998. 
Objective: This project is to cover entire Hindi Jaina Literature commencing from Adikala to 20th Century AD. The objective of the project is to mark the contribution of the Jaina poets, authors to Hindi Jaina Literature up to 20th Century. 

Work completed: Till today 4 volumes of Hindi Jaina Sahitya ka Itihas have been published. The 5th Volume of Terapantha Hindi Sahitya Ka Itihas is in progress. Its writing work is completed. Presently it is under composing.

Utility: This project will be proved as milestone for the researchers who wanted to work on the contribution of Jainas to Hindi Literature.

Title of the Project: 
3. History of Shvetambara Jaina Gacchas 
The project covers the History all Shvetambara Jaina Gacchas. 
Objective: Jainism has a long tradition of Jain monks and nuns. After 1500 years of Mahavir Nirvana, they were divided in different sects as well as Gacchas. Therefore, the knowledge of Jain History may not be completed unless the history of Gaccha is included. Keeping in view the importance of this subject Vidyapeeth has undertaken this project.

Work completed: In last three years two volumes of this project covering first and second part have been published as Tapagachcha Ka Itihasa and Achal Gachcha Ka Itihasa. Dr. Shiv Prasad, who was working on this project, has left the Institute due to his own problems. But the work done by him is presently in Editing. After the editing is completed, it will be published. 

Utility: This project is very important for the comprehensive study of Jaina Gacchas. It also gives picture of the society and culture prevalent in those days. Therefore, completion of this project will open a new chapter in the Jain History. 

Title of the Project: 
4. Publication of Original texts and Manuscripts in Prakrit and Sanskrit with their Hindi and English Translation Objective: Parshwanath Vidyapeeth under this project has decided to publish the original texts in Prakrit and Sanskrit with its translation in Hindi and English who are rare and have not been translated at all. This is long termed project, commenced in 1998. It will take more 10 years to be completed. 

Work completed –Under this project the titles- Navatattvaprakarana, Kasayapahuda, Jaiana Bhasha Darshan and Ashtakaprakarana, and Shodashaka-prakarana have been published. Presently the work on Sutrakritanga Niryukti is in progress, which is under editing. 

Utility: This project will enable to the researchers as well as lay followers of Jainism to understand what originally Jaina Texts describe. In the absence of original texts one cannot be acquainted with the real teachings of lord Mahavira. In Jain Agmas too, we find many more interpolations, which distort the facts and contents of the texts. Therefore, from that point of view it has a vast utility.

Title of the Project: 
5. Teaching Programme for Foreign Students: 
Under ISJS –PV Global Centre for Ahimsa and Indological Research Parshwanath Vidyapeeth organizes every year (in June-July), classes on Jainology for different groups of foreign students coming from USA, Canada, Japan, Thailand, Germany, China etc. This programme is running under the aegis of International School for Jain Studies, an Institution based at Delhi committed to propagate teachings of Lord Mahavira across the world.]

Under this programme two or three groups of foreign students in number of 12 to 35 visit PV every year in summer and study Jainism. The classes running since 2005 continuously have earned good reputation in Jain academia. 
6. B. A. & M. A. Correspondence course and Certificate Course in Prakrit & Jainology 
Jaina Vishva Bharati University, Ladnun has authorized Parshwnath Vidyapeeth to start B. A. & M. A. Certificate course through correspondence in different subjects. PV will work as a centre approved by JVB for above mentioned courses. The course comprises three years Degree Course -B.A. and two years Post Graduate course-M.A. In B. A., General Hindi and English will be compulsory for the first year and Jainology and Philosophy of Non-Jain systems will be compulsory for all three years. Optional subjects are divided in two groups – Group A and Group B. 

Group ‘A’ comprises 4 subjects- 1.Hindi Literature, 2. History, 3. Agam and Prakrit Literature, and 4. Non-violence & Peace. Similarly, Group ‘B’ comprises 4 subjects- 1. Sanskrit, 2. Life Science, Preksha Meditation & Yoga, 3. Political Science and 4. English Literature M. A. course is available in Jainology & Comparative Religions, Life Science, Preksha Meditation & Yoga and Education. Parshwanath Vidyapeeth is also running six months Certificate Course in Jainology and Prakrit. It is running in two academic sessions starting from August – January and February-July respectively. 
7. Certificate course on Apabhramsha and Prakrit Parshwanath Vidyapeeth has started a certificate course through correspondence on Apabhramsha and Prakrit since 2011. Seventeen students have been enrolled in Apabhramsha and 15 students in Prakrit Certificate course. Both the courses are run by Jaina Vidya Sansthan, Shri Mahaveerji, Rajasthan which is engaged in organizing such type of courses for the last 13 years. The courses run in two sessions – 1. From 1st January -31st December and 1st April-30th June (for the period of one year three months) every year. 

Future Research Projects 
(1). Editing & Translation of Upadhyaya Yashovijaya’s works: Upadhyaya Yashovijaya of 18th Cent. AD has composed more than 100 works in Prakrit and Sanskrit on different aspects of Jainism. This is a mammoth project to be undertaken by the Vidyapeeth, which shall be completed within 10 years. Under this project the translation work of a famous text of Haribhadra entitled Shodashaka-prakarana, along with the commentary of Upadhyaya Yashovijaya has been started. The other texts shall also be translated in Hindi and English and will be published under the project in due course. 

(2) Jaina Bibliography This bibliography will contain books and research papers on Jainism and its allied subjects arranged author wise in first part and content wise in second part.

(3) Diploma in Prakrit & Jainology Parshwanath Vidyapeeth plans to start a Six-Month Diploma course in Prakrit & Jainology by the next session. The course will cover Jaina Philosophy, Jaina History, Prakrit grammar and Literature, Original Jaina Text and Manuscriptology, etc. The syllabus of the course has already been prepared. 

(4) Short Term Training Courses on Yoga & Meditation Parshwanath Vidyapeeth has already started Yoga course for Indian Students and has planned to admit foreign student as well. The syllabus has been prepared but is open to miner adjustment according to the needs of foreign visitors. 

(5) Lecture Series With view to refresh the academic activities amongst the general masses and the scholars as well, PV is to start a lecture series on different allied interesting topics by local and outside scholars. The Institute will publish these lectures in book form. The Institute is already running a Lala Harjas Rai Jain lecture Series under which lectures are organized on different aspects of Jainism.

(6) Publication Project Parshwanath Vidyapeeth is regularly publishing books on Jainism and comparative religions. Till date we have published 176 books so for from the Institute. 

(7) Publication of Quarterly Research Journal ‘’SHRAMANA’’ a Quarterly Research Journal of Parshwanath Vidyapeeth It is a Bilingual Quarterly Research Journal published by Vidyapeeth since 1949. Four volumes are brought out in every academic year. Parshwanath Vidyapeeth is trying hard to make this journal of International level.