Courses at Parshwanath Vidyapeeth, Varanasi

Jaina Vishva Bharati University, Ladnun has allowed Parshwanath Vidyapeeth to run three correspondence courses at its campus:
1. U. G. Courses
2. P. G. Courses
3. Certificate Courses

Students willing to do their B. A., M. A. and Certificate courses can apply to Parshwanath Vidyapeeth on the prescribed Format downloading from the Website of Jaina Vishva Bharati (
I. Undergraduate Course
Details of Course: B. A. (Three years)
Qualification: 10+2 or equivalent
Fee: 2500.00

Note: No fee is chargeable for Jain Monks and Nuns.
Compulsory subjects:
1. General Hindi or General English (for one year with only one Paper)
2. Jainology and philosophies other than Jainism.(for three years)

Optional Subjects: Out of two groups, selection of one subject from each group is necessary.
Group A: 1. Hindi Literature, 2. History, 3. Jaina Agamas and Prakrit Literature and 4. Non-violence and Peace.
Group B: 1. Sanskrit, 2. Life Science, Preksha-dhyan and Yoga, 3. Political Science, 4. English Literature.
Note: Those who want to study through English Medium; the material in English is available for General English, Jainology, English Lit. and Life Science only.
II. Post-graduate Course
1. Jainology & Comparative Religions
2. Life Science, Preksha Dhyan & Yoga
3. Education

Qualification: Graduate (three years) from any University or equivalent.
Fee: Jainology & Comparative Religions ` 3200.00
Life Science, Preksha Dhyan & Yoga ` 4500.00
Education ` 9000.00

Note: No fee is chargeable for Jain Monks and Nuns.
III. Certificate Course
1. Jaina Philosophy & Religion
Fee ` 1000.00 (Duration 6 months)
2. Prakrit
Fee ` 500.00 (Duration 6 months)
Note: No fee is chargeable for Jain Monks and Nuns.
The Certificate course can be done from August to January and February to July. For UG and PG Application Form can be submitted latest by 31st October. Examination will be held in July 2012.